Maximize the Value of Your Benefit Offering

To maximize the value of your benefit offerings while meeting the diverse needs of your employees, it can be extremely valuable to continually provide a range of financial education opportunities. Through our RetireU education program, we help facilitate topical on-site workshops relevant to achieving financial goals. The Next Level team will take the time to understand your company’s culture and select a series of workshops that will enhance your company’s benefit offerings.

Our one-hour topical workshops, presented on-site by a local financial professional, will provide employees with objective information designed to help aid their decision-making process as well as transition them into retirement. Also, employees who desire more guidance, can meet individually with one of our professionals to discuss their specific circumstances and individual goals

For Employers:

A unique, comprehensive financial education solution and planning benefits program provided directly in your workplace by Next Level Planning & Wealth Management. Our turnkey approach offers a full suite of services that are tailored to your business needs while providing objective information to address diverse employee needs. Learn More

For Employees:

A financial education program provided within the workplace that offers holistic financial wellness guidance to help you understand, appreciate and utilize workplace benefits and to ultimately pursue financial independence. Our educational approach will help you make wise and informed benefits and financial decisions. Learn More

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